About Us

Starfold Media Network

Starfold Media Network acquired Asian Herald in 2020. Originally founded in March 2001 in the US, Asian Herald is the world’s first online news portal for the Asian diaspora.
Media license for Asian Herald was awarded by the UAE’s National Media Council in 2020. Asian Herald delivers the latest and most accurate news across 48 Asian countries and offers varied content spanning different genres.
Asian Herald has expanded its foothold in digital business, blurring boundaries and emerging as one of the leading players in the new digital media landscape. We also use technology to excite, enrich and complete our readers’ experience.


Being a prominent media organisation from Asia, we have been on a relentless pursuit to be that single canopy, branching out to an array of realms that are of key interest to the continent through unbiased news coverage.


Expanding horizons and setting new paradigms, when it comes to digital news platforms and being the forerunner for contemporaries and upcoming ventures for the clout that we carve out of our organisational performance.